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Apples Galore!

By Hillfield, Apr 1 2019 09:49PM

This year as usual we have planted lots more new fruit trees

Our "apple" page can no longer cope with the expanding lists of varieties - so until we figure out what to do here is a list of the overspill

Calville Blanche d'Hiver an old French apple particularly good fo appler Sauce

Bundy's Ringwood Red

King of Tomkins County

Duchess of Oldenburg & Antanovka - 2 Russian varieties we are exited to have

Horsham Russet and American Golden Russet - to add to our russet collection

Kingsbury Priory Apple

Bauman's Reinette

Balls Pippin

Hoary Morning

Alan's Apple

Fenouiilet Rouge

Cornish Aromatic

Appleford Serendipity

Court of Wick

Core Blimey ( Named by The Orchard Project the Uk's national community orchard charity)

May 12 2019 04:17PM by Monik


Could you advise me if 2019 strawberry picking season is open ?

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