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Plum planting 2020

By Hillfield, Feb 8 2020 10:31PM

February 2020 - most of the winter pruning of our fruit trees and bushes has now been completed.

We are excited to have added another 20 plum trees to our collection. The new varieties are:-

Laxton's Bountiful - a prolific plum raised in 1900 similar to a Victoria in appearance but earlier fruiting.

Edwards - A large dual purpose blue plum found in California USA in 1930 it has firm, yellow, juicy flesh and is particularly good for cooking

Excalibur - This variety was only introduced in 1989. It is described as being an "improved Victoria" The fruits are round and larger than a Victoria and are described as having a better flavour - we will have to wait and see!

Apr 8 2020 05:24PM by Martel rose

Just wondered if I could order some plants and have them delivered? Is this possible thanks m rose

Apr 26 2020 09:57AM by Angela Belcher

I wondered if you sell turf & if so how much per square metre?
We're not ready for it yet but just trying to get some prices.
We live at Hulver, Nr.Beccles

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