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Strawberry time soon!

By Hillfield, May 12 2017 07:56PM

The boys have been hand strawing the strawberry fields to protect the tasty berries as they grow. All we need now is some lovely rain and some warm weather and they should be ready around mid June.

May 17 2018 08:36PM by Lisa


I’m a regular customer of yours when I can get over there hopefully you will know who I am when I tell you I asked for the syringa boomerang pink perfume lilac? I wondered if you could also try get me the same syringa bloomerang lilac but in dark purple? Also forgot to ask you last time I was there , do you sell the Daphne eternal pink princess shrub? Or the Hardy Gardenia crown princess shrub? I think I would prefer the Hardy Gardenia though rather than the Daphne as I’ve already had 3 die on me previously but they were very young specimens! If you can get me the Dark purple bloomerang and an established Hardy Gardenia Crown Jewels I would be extremely grateful. You can either email me or ring me on 07492073080. Thank you

May 23 2020 11:37AM by Malikiah

Hi just wondered when you are opening for PYO strawberries, also do you allow dogs?

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