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PYO at Hillfield 


  • Rhubarb - May-June            

  • Gooseberries - June -

       Strawberries  - Worcesterberries - July -

  • Redcurrants July    

    Tayberries & Sunberries- June 

  • Blackcurrants    - Mid - late June

  • Josterberries - July  -

  • Raspberries - July-August   

        Damsons -

  • Blackberries -   

  • 200 + Varieties of Apples! click here for a full list 

  •  Pears  -( Beth, Beurre Hardy, Comice, concorde,) Conference, Catillac Vicar of Winkfield cooking pears,( Black Worcester cooking pears

  • Quinces 

  •  Medlars -


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We have an incredible range of Pick Your Own fruits at Hillfield. With possibly the biggest range of fruit in East Anglia, there's bound to be something you like! Starting in May and finishing in October, its a great activity for the whole family. Children love picking fruit and it provides them with the education of where fruit comes from and how it grows- then you can take it home and eat it!   Bring your own containers if you wish  

Soft Fruit Orchards Apples

Bring a Picnic!