Apple Juice Pressing Service

Brand new for 2021 is our apple juice pressing service. We can now offer to take those surplus apples which so often go to waste or which you are unsure how to use and turn them into your very own apple juice!

Using our state of the art, new pressing facility at Hillfield, we clean your apples, mill, press, bottle and pasteurise your juice so you can store it out of the fridge for up to 2 years, but you'll probably break it open a lot sooner! 

Apples suitable for pressing should be undamaged, free from rot and not collected from gravel or stony areas. Apart from that, any fully developed apple can be pressed! collect them in baskets, boxes or bags and bring them to us. We need a minimum of 00KG of fruit to press a batch, but we may be able to make up a small deficit with some of our own fruit. 

The cost of a fully processed bottle of juice, finished with an attractive tamper proof foil seal is £0.00. 00KG of fruit will produce approximately 00 bottles of juice.

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