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After a huge maiden year in which we pressed in excess of 10,000 bottles of juice, the Hillfield Apple Press is now open for 2023!

During 2021 and 2022, we made a large investment in a brand new, from the ground up apple processing facility. Our building is designed to both make our very own Hillfield Apple Juice on site but also enable us to offer to press your own apples into your own juice. 

Having your own apples pressed by us in our new facility has a number of great benefits. You can finally make use of all those apples which might go to waste every year, which in turn reduces the tragic waste of apples every year. You can enjoy the results of your own work in your garden and its great to drink yourself or give away!

This whole process takes place through our facility, using purpose made, highly efficient machinery.  

Apple Juice Pressing Service

The Cost

Your apples will be milled, pressed, settled, bottled, pasteurised, capped, sealed and boxed. For this service, we need a minimum of 100kg of apples. This will yield approximately eighty 750ml bottles. 100kg of apples is fewer than it sounds, but if you can't gather that quantity, how about making the difference up with a neighbour and sharing the spoils? The cost of this service is £2.20 per 750ml bottle produced.


Apples suitable for pressing need to meet a certain criteria. Its an easy criteria to meet and is in place only to make sure your juice is the best it can be and our machinery operates at its best. The best juice comes from fully ripe apples. The pictures below show what we can take and what we can't. 

Please dont bring:

Damaged from falling, sunburnt or rotten, affected by insects

Perfect for pressing:

Normal undamaged fruit, skin scars, surface blemishes

Book your press now

Please leave your name and contact information in the form below and let us know when you think your apples may be ready to press. We will get in touch with details of when and where to bring your apples and collect your finished juice!

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