Apple Juice Pressing Service

Here at Hillfield, we would love to be able to offer an apple juicing service to our customers and local community. In order that we may better understand the demand for this service, we'd be really grateful if you'd leave us a message of support on the form below. 

This service would be available to everyone including businesses with orchards, customers with a number of trees and excess fruit to deal with, right down to those with a couple of trees in the garden who want to put their usually wasted fruit to good use.

Additionally, the equipment would be used to process our own apples in order that we may make our own juice in-house, rather than being sent away to be processed, saving miles and helping the environment, all whilst providing additional local employment. 

If you'd like the possibility of using this service or if you like the idea we want to bring our facilities closer to home, fill in and send a message to us below, and thankyou. 

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