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The Nursery

Our extensive nursery contains an unrivaled range of plants and garden ornaments. With our suppliers carefully chosen over decades of trading, you can find truly rare and unusual shrubs alongside all the garden favourites.

Come and take a walk with us and be blown away by our range. Scroll through this page to get a sneak peak of the kinds of things we have to offer!

Bedding and trailing plants

In the spring, we have a huge selection of bedding plants for your flower beds, baskets, pots and wherever else you can find a home for them!

A few of our favourites...


Geraniums are popular, incredibly versatile and look amazing, both indoors and outdoors. A great choice both for beginner and more experienced gardeners, these plants will add charm and character to any space and are ideal for baskets and beds.


Bedding Petunias are one of the nations favourite spring bedding plants. They are incredibly easy to grow, requiring minimal care, and are great for adding quick colour to your beds and baskets.


For use indoors and out, begonias are great little plants that will provide constant colour until the first frosts. Ideal for baskets and bedding areas.

Trees, shrubs and climbers

We have one of the largest range of trees, shrubs and climbers in the area. our specialist suppliers also source us some truly rare and stunning plants. We always have plenty of larger sized trees and shrubs for instant impact as a focal point in your garden.

A few of our favourites...

Magnolia 'Yellow River'

An uncommon cultivar of Magnolia, This one has butter-yellow flowers in spring before the leaves emerge.


Grown as a standard tree or very large shrub, it will easily attain 3m and possibly more in a favourable spot. A true specimen tree fit for any large garden.

Parrotia persica

Parrotia persica is a very handsome tree suitable for all medium and large gardens. A deciduous tree with a wide canopy, it is very hardy and will grow up to 8m high. 

Parrotia persica is tolerant of all soil types, but like Liquidambar and Acer trees, it gives a stunning autumn display on slightly acid soils in a warm spot of the garden.

Betula utilis 'Snow Queen'

The whitest of the white birch. This tree performs almost all year round. Light, dappled shade cast by its loose form is perfect for sitting under in the summer. Fantastic autumn colour follows, then, in winter, it really performs. Its pure white trunk stands out on the greyest of winter days. Underplant with Cornus 'Midwinter fire' for the best effect. 

Plant Box

Try growing your own vegetables!

Seasonal vegetables are available in our "Grow your own" cage. Growing your own veg is getting more popular - our plants are high quality and easy nurture until they're ready for harvest!

Bare root plants

We carry a full range of bare root hedging, fruit bushes and fruit trees in winter, from October to February. 







Guelder Rose

Dog Rose















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