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Apple Juice Pressing Service

Our apple press is now closed for 2023. It was a much quieter year, with a much smaller crop in this region than we'd normally expect, with our own down several tonnes. We hope for a better 2024, when we will start pressing again, hopefully with lots more apples than 2023! 



Apples suitable for pressing need to meet a certain criteria. Its an easy criteria to meet and is in place only to make sure your juice is the best it can be and our machinery operates at its best. The best juice comes from fully ripe apples. The pictures below show what we can take and what we can't. 

Please dont bring:

Damaged from falling, sunburnt or rotten, affected by insects

Perfect for pressing:

Normal undamaged fruit, skin scars, surface blemishes

Book your press now

We will reopen our order book for new pressings around the end of July 2024, please check back then! 

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