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What's Going On In January?

We've had a very busy January so far keeping the farm shop fully stocked with lots of fresh produce. Being open 7 days a week we need to get regular deliveries from our local suppliers and they have done a great job - sometimes even arriving later the same day with our orders!

Speaking of orders - January is the month when we start ordering in earnest for the coming season. This week we have ordered a large range of vegetable and flower seeds, seed potatoes, plug plants for summer pots and baskets, roses to arrive in February , more shrubs and hedging plants and trees to arrive shortly to keep our nursery full with lots of interest.

Not only has all this been going on but 'tis the season to be pruning. The boys have started the massive job of pruning the hundreds of apple and pear trees in the orchards. The cold weather is not good for our toes - but the trees respond well to a cold snap - meaning they can shut down completely and hopefully ' wake up' properly at the right time in the spring.

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