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Christmas at Hillfield

Christmas at Hillfield is packed with Christmas essentials to make your special days perfect. 

Our Christmas trees arrive late in november, with trees from just 50cm high, perfect for a small table, up to over 8ft high to give a stunning focal point to a large room. 

Our large cut trees are available in 2 varieties. 

Norway Spruce are the traditional christmas tree, with dense, highly scented foliage. 

Nordmann Fir are our low-drop variant, ideal for homes with pets or small children. The scent is omitted but replaced with softer needles and a reduced amount of needles falling during the season. 

Well watered, any tree will last well into the new year!

pot cmas tree.jpg

The Christmas season also sees us producing hundreds of premium quality, hand made holly wreaths, perfect for the front door or as a table decoration. several sizes and styles are available and lots of requests can be catered for. 

Our wreaths stand out from others thanks to our use of a wide range of foliage plants used in their composition. 

Complete your Christmas with mistletoe, also available from Hillfield.

Buy a bunch ready picked or  NEW FOR 2020 - PICK YOUR OWN MISTLETOE - have a mini adventure into the orchard and pick the perfect piece for you!

Few garden centres can boast being self sufficent in mistletoe for the whole of their christmas season, but here it is! Hundreds of bunches and even a few whole mature balls make their way out of our orchard each year.

Taking years to grow in a number of our apple trees, we've carefully cultivated our mistletoe to make sure its be best it can be!

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